Direct reimbursement and new amazing benefit for sickness fund members from Instrumentarium!

Instrumentarium, Keops and Nissen are offering discounted eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and eyesight tests for Tradeka sickness fund members. The benefits are in effect as of November 1.

At Instrumentarium and Nissen, you get 40% off regularly priced eyeglasses. At Keops, the discount is 30%. For regularly priced sunglasses and contact lenses, you get 25% off at all three chains. Eyesight tests, eyeglass prescriptions and contact lens examinations (incl. trial contact lenses) by an optician are always free of charge. Discounts cannot be combined with campaign offers. If the campaign offer at the store is better than the benefit price, you get the lower price.

The benefits are in effect indefinitely at all Instrumentarium, Keops and Nissen stores.

On top of the benefits, you get direct reimbursement at the chain stores, meaning that you only pay the difference. After a year’s membership, the fund reimburses 80% of eyeglass or contact lens costs. The maximum reimbursement is 250 euros over two calendar years, i.e. every other year.