A new benefit next year for sickness fund members!

Embark on a treatment path in January and take a step towards a healthier life. Would you like to feel better and be healthier? If you do, read the following carefully! 

Starting next year, Tradeka’s sickness fund offers fund members the opportunity to enrol in treatment paths. Treatment paths are one-year programs for weight management, taking steps to quit smoking, or reducing the use of intoxicants. During the treatment path, you will have a monthly meeting with a nurse and an opportunity to meet with an expert to discuss any related themes or challenges. The nurse will support you in your goals and offer encouragement as you move forward.

The process is entirely confidential, and no information is disclosed to your employer or occupational health.

A treatment path only requires some motivation; a smallest of concerns regarding your health is reason enough to embark on a treatment path. For example, have you considered losing weight to increase your energy levels? Are you thinking of reducing your alcohol use or quitting smoking to feel healthier?

If you find yourself thinking along these lines, don’t hesitate to book a nurse’s appointment at Terveystalo. No doctor’s referral is needed, and you’re only liable for the 20% co-payment. Tradeka’s sickness fund has a direct reimbursement agreement with Terveystalo. When booking your appointment, select ‘Private customer’ and search for a nurse at a location most convenient for you. You can also book a remote appointment. You’ll pay for the remote appointment yourself first and then apply for reimbursement with the fund.