About cookies

General information on cookies

Our online service uses cookies to improve user experience (tracking cookies) and to enable the functions available in the service (operational cookies). A cookie is a text file that is temporarily stored to a user’s computer when they visit a page of the online service. To prevent cookie use, adjust your browser settings to disable cookies. This may, however, negatively impact site functionality and in some cases prevent use entirely.

Tracking cookies

The site collects usage statistics for the purposes of monitoring and developing the site and market planning. 

Additionally, the site collects data related to demographics and interests (Google Analytics Demographics) to combine age, gender, and user interests with user tracking data. You can modify the settings on how this data is collected on your Google account.

You can disable Google Analytics tracking with a browser add-on (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/).

Operational cookies

Functional aspects of the online service that require user login or other authentication require cookies. Required information about the user is stored in cookie data, and the cookie is deleted once it expires, or the user logs out.

Other identifiers

In connection with using the online service, identifying data about users is stored in server and online service logs (including IP addresses, pages visited, files searched, and any failures during use). Also, information on the operation of the site’s user interface is collected (saves, heat map data, form use data). This data is collected to monitor and develop the service and to continuously improve resiliency and security.