2021 benefit improvements

Beginning in 2021, the reimbursement per calendar year is €500 for dental care and €1,000 for psychotherapy and psychological treatment.

Terveystalo member campaign – custom-fitted arch supports 20% off

If you experience recurring pain in your lower limb when walking, running, or standing, you should have the problem examined. When the pain or ache in your ankle, leg, knee, hip, or lower back starts to hinder your work or hobbies, it is recommended that you start using custom-fitted arch supports. Custom-fitted arch supports guide your feet to a more natural standing, walking, and running posture. The supports treat lower limb pain by reducing improper burden on you lower limbs and activating your muscles.

Sickness fund members now get 20% off for custom-fitted arch supports at Terveystalo until March 31st, 2021.

When you feel it is time to start using arch supports, have a doctor refer you to an expert physiotherapist. Terveystalo provides two methods and products: Footbalance and Sidas arch supports. You can choose the ones that fit your feet best with the help of the physiotherapist.  Arch supports typically cost 92 to 125 euros. The sickness fund compensates 40% or up to 30 euros over two calendar years. In other words, the maximum reimbursement is €30 every other year.

The sickness fund also covers physiotherapy services by other service providers.