Privacy Policy

Explanation to the customer regarding processing of their personal data by Tradeka’s sickness fund.

Updated May 16, 2018.

Data controller

Tradeka’s sickness fund

Contact for matters related to the data file

Satu Relander-Mäkinen
phone. 0400 578882

Address: Hämeentie 19, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

Data Protection Officer

Tomi Marttinen
Sofigate The Business Technology Company.

Address: Tekniikantie 12, 02150 Espoo, Finland

The purpose and legal basis of processing personal data

The purpose of processing data is to enable handling and payment of additional benefit reimbursements outlined in the fund rules and the benefits stipulated in the Health Insurance Act; customer service; and statistics and reporting related to reimbursements. The further purposes of processing data include management of fund membership, customer service, and membership-based statistics and reporting. Customer’s explicit consent and the Act on insurance funds (Data Protection Regulation, Article 9.2.) constitute the legal basis for processing.

Content of data in categories of personal data and regular sources of information

Content of the data received from sources other than the data subject: customer identification data, data subjects’ employer information, information received from service providers, membership fee information, unpaid absences.

Disclosure and transfer of personal data

Data is disclosed only with customer’s consent or by a specific request by the customer. Data can be disclosed to relevant boards and for scientific and historical research in accordance with § 165 of the Act on insurance funds. Data is not transferred outside the EU or EEA.

Data file protection

The fund employees processing personal data are bound to secrecy and confidentiality under § 165 of the Act on insurance funds. They have signed secrecy and confidentiality agreements. Their right to process personal data is limited by their assigned access and duties. Members of the fund and members of the board are also bound to secrecy and confidentiality under § 165 of the Act on insurance funds. Members of the board have also signed secrecy and confidentiality agreements. Data is stored in a locked space, in locked cabinets to which only fund employees have access. Only fund personnel and the fund manager have permissions to use the WMSAKA additional benefit and Kela benefit systems. They have personal usernames and passwords for accessing the software. In a customer service situation, the customer is identified by asking them to produce their personal identification number and, if necessary, their identity documentation.

Personal data retention period

Documents related to membership are retained indefinitely. Under the Accounting Act, documents related to benefits are retained for 6 years following the current year or according to their purpose of use. Documents are destroyed in a data-secure way.

We also process benefits our members are entitled to under the Health Insurance Act. To learn more about data protection and personal data processing, please see Kela’s website.